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Our team is passionate about using data to unlock insights and growth. We're always looking for the best talent to put their best and help us on that journey.

About Birdie

Birdie was created in 2018 to amplify the voice of consumers in their relationship with brands, allowing companies to improve their customers' shopping and consumption journey. To achieve that, we generate practical insights about consumers' experience with products, brands, and sales channels during their buying journey, helping our clients make business decisions based on the voice of the customer.

The principles that guide us every day are:

  • Diversity makes us stronger

  • Reinvention beats tradition

  • Collaboration over individuality

  • Put your best in what you do every day

  • Break down the hierarchy and the silos

  • Feedback fuels our growth

  • Taking risks and failing fast allows us to grow faster

If you are bold, passionate, and identify with the above, Birdie is the right place for you.

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We’re all about flexibility! Birdie’s perks are tied to our values and carefully thought to be taylored for each one of our team members.

Flexible Working Hours

We have a flexible hours policy that give you autonomy to do your job at the times that make more sense to you, and also have time to organize and manage your personal stuff. 

Vee Utilities

Our team members also get a prepaid credit card that they can use in any way they want: clothing, education, transportation, entertainment, insurance, health, and much more. Besides that, you will also have access to exclusive discounts at TotalPass gyms and special conditions for accessing Zenklub - emotional health solutions.

Remote Work

We’re a distributed team, with members in several places across the United States and Brazil. Work remotely and help us have a global impact.

Private Health Insurance

Your well-being and health are our priorities, and that’s why everyone in our team has access to a nationwide health insurance plan by Amil Health, a dental plan and a life insurance for you and your loved ones.

Flex Food Card

All Birdie team members get a prepaid debit card that can be used at any restaurant or food site in the MasterCard network.

Home Office Kit

As your home is your office, we want to ensure you have the best work environment. That’s why we will give you a personalized starter kit with tools to make you work comfortably, whether it’s a chair or a good pair of headphones.

How is it to work at Birdie?

"Since my first day at Birdie, I always had the opportunity of getting involved in big projects that add a lot of value to our product and also to me. I feel that my professional growth has been greatly accelerated thanks to the horizontal organizational model that Birdie practices, which makes all team members extremely important, regardless of their position."

João Leite, Product Development

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 Birdie understand millions of consumers opinions from reviews and conversations and turns them into actionable insights to help manufacturers improve their products and sell more.