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Our AI-generated rankings are based on content crawled from several trusted sources and have curated, complete, credible and ad-free products suggestions that can make the buying journey seamless, faster and smarter. 


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Birdie reads all the rankings, reviews and blog posts from different websites and matches them to your needs to recommend you a shortlist of options.

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Birdie gathers the most relevant and reliable content about each product and displays them in a comparison page to facilitate your decision-making.

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Still need a hand to decide between the options? Birdie let's you create polls and ask what your friends think to increase your confidence.

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Find the best deals

Once you're ready to buy, Birdie easily shows you the best offers for the product, either online or in stores near you - and we promise: it's totally ad-free.

Lacking time to research? We can help.

Besides the list of best products recommended for you, Birdie also has compiled reviews and offers from different stores to help you until the end of your journey.

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