Unleash the Power of AI and go beyond Market Research to get deep, granular data about what consumers think about your brand, products, services, and competitors to quickly identify and leverage growth opportunities.


higher conversion rates on acquisition campaigns


Jairo Ramalho

Marketing Manager

"Birdie allowed us to instantly discover new and untapped insights from the enormous amount of consumer data we collected. We used their platform to refine the messaging and positioning for some of our products, which significantly improved our campaigns' conversion rates."


Our platform helps Customer Insights and Marketing Executives optimize the ROI of Consumer Insights and focus on more strategic activities

Better Insights with Less Effort

Stop doing manual data analysis that takes days and an army of people to get you somewhere. Birdie gives you the insights you need by automatically compiling, organizing, and ranking a huge amount of data.


One Dashboard for All of Your Data

Have a full understanding of your customer experience along the buying journey in a single place. Birdie integrates your internal data with ready-to-use 3rd-party data (e-commerce reviews, social conversations, and more) to give you unified consumer insights and reports.

Make More Money with Insights

Identify new market niches, predict trends, anticipate crisis, and discover promotional opportunities - and quickly take action to get better results. Birdie makes it easier by organizing all the data into actionable findings.


Real-time Insights to Stay Up to Date

Stay informed with everything consumers are saying about your products and your competitors’. Get a structured and deep understanding of your consumer needs to develop better products and services.


Remove Biases and Blindspots

Capture everything consumers are saying and let Birdie show you what attributes are standing out about your products, services, and buying experience. Never feel anxious again about missing an insight or trend.


Prove the ROI of Consumer Insights

By understanding your customers and also what they are talking about your competitors' products, you will be able to improve your product features using data as the base for your decision.

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The most powerful features to help you get deeper, better, and faster consumer insights, all in a single dashboard.

Insights & Recommendations In One Click

Birdie automatically generates insights and shows trending attributes for products, attributes, and other elements, suggesting changes that can be relevant to campaigns, products, and more.

Brand Share of Voice

Get an automatic, daily updated share of voice for each of your categories and brands. Discover new players in the space, predict your market share, compare your brand’s engagement with your competitors, and more.

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Brand Channel Distribution

Have a complete view of the channels that are contributing the most to your - and your competitors' - frequency, rating, and sentiment month over month, and identify opportunities or risks to manage.

Aspect‘s SWOT Matrix

Instantly discover which aspects are appearing as strengths and weaknesses for your products and services, discovering opportunities to improve or to explore from a broad to a product-specific perspective.

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Birdie’s solution helps manufacturers understand their consumers’ buying experience, generating Consumer Insights that can be used across several areas of your company. 

Customer Service

Quantify and understand how your Customer Service teams are performing compared to key competitors and even key partners, and learn how the Customer Experience is across different channels with AI-based analysis of voice-of-consumer data.

100% coverage of channels and messages

Consumer Insights

Navigate through billions of consumer data from several sources already organized in a way that makes spotting the next big thing and turning that insight into action effortless, making it easier to prove the ROI of Consumer Insights.

Insights generated up to 65% faster


Marketing & Communications

Discover niched audiences and their favorite products, product attributes, and channels to make their buying decisions. Explore your strengths and your competitors’ weaknesses to create personalized campaigns to convert more customers.

3x higher conversions from personalized campaigns


Innovation & Product Development

Get access to what consumers like and dislike about specific details of your - and your competitors’ - products, from packaging to taste. Learn what they think is missing from the market and launch successful products.

Innovation cycle time cut by 1/4

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