Negotiate Better Terms with Retailers

We give brand managers hard data about what your customers love and hate about everything that counts.

Hard data that every Brand Manager loves but struggles to get in timely, comprehensive single-view data board

What consumers love & hate about

"Birdie helped us identify the main personas, jobs to be done, and valued aspects in the buying experience - pre and post-COVID - at our key retail partners 65% faster than other providers and in a much more detailed manner."

Ana Laura Conti

Market Intelligence, P&G

How Birdie Intelligence Platform works day and night to save your job

How Birdie Margin Intelligence pays for itself even in wicked L-shaped recessions

37% less time spent on data analysis

More productivity:

Estimated ROI of 700%

More revenue:

45% more data coverage

Profitable Growth:

  • Manual data handling and analysis slashed;

  • The full-stack tool eliminates the need for one-trick pony tools;

  • One person does the job to two or three.

  • Notifications and alerts with actionable suggestions;

  • Trendlines and impact predictions to anticipate work;

  • Automated generation of monthly reports.

  • Early warnings from hidden upstream influencers;

  • Hard-data for negotiating better terms & merchandising actions;

  • The clear input of product features that drive satisfaction.

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