Comparing Birdie and Sprinklr as Product & Consumer Insights Tools

With so many platforms available to capture the voice of the customer, sometimes it can be hard and time-consuming to identify which one is right for your needs. Understanding their key differences and how each one can help you get Product & Consumer Insights is crucial. 

Sprinklr has its core capabilities around Social Listening and Engagement to understand consumers' perceptions of a brand and trending topics related, and it can be configured by the client to bring limited data about other marketing elements.


Birdie, on the other hand, leverages any consumer feedback sources - e-commerce reviews, Q&As, support tickets, etc. - to provide a full view of the consumer perception regarding the 4Ps of marketing, with strong and granular analysis about products and buying experience. It also doesn't require any configuration from the client, making it much easier to start using.

If you're looking for a broader brand view with open search capabilities and have a team available to work on implementation, you should go with Sprinklr. If your needs are product and business-related and a light implementation, Birdie might bring you more detailed insights to help with your decisions.

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Birdie vs. Sprinklr comparison

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Key Differentiators between Sprinklr and Birdie 

Open-ended Conversations


Sprinklr is great to check what users are saying on social networks. Although they’re able to monitor any kind of conversation, they struggle to get into deeper details. Birdie does not intend to monitor open-ended conversations

Social Management

Sprinklr extends its reach beyond data intelligence. They allow your Brand to manage and operate campaigns. Birdie does not cover this scope.



Covered Sources

Even though Sprinklr is growing the number of sources monitored, it's still centered around social channels. Birdie started with the main sources a user uses to decide where to buy - e-commerce and discussion forums - and can integrate into any internal or external source.


Topics Setup

Sprinklr's approach is all about topics and keywords and it requires a lot of queries setup. Birdie data structure is ready and covers products, brands, competitors, and more by design, and does not require setup.


Business Categorization

Birdie is focused on Consumer Products, which allows it to create a data structure aligned to Business Aspects. It's dashboard is organized by Brand Categories, SKU, Release Year, Price Tiers, and more.


Analysis and Insights

Birdie removes analyst bias by looking to organic and spontaneous user mentions and understands relevant business KPIs to track and notify important changes before they become critical issues.

Can I use Birdie and Sprinklr together?

Using both Sprinklr and Birdie can be an excellent option to combine open-ended conversations and topics with a deep analysis of their product, consumers, and buying experience.

While Sprinklr can be used to capture different topics and keywords, it can still be overwhelming to go through everything and group the findings according to different areas and KPIs.

Birdie can be used to break down the content captured with Sprinklr into more granular data to be analyzed, saving time from your team and making it easier to get actionable insights.