Leave spreadsheets behind. Focus on the outcomes.

Transform thousands of user feedback into insights with our Feedback Analytics Platform and take faster product decisions

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Empowering product-centric companies around the world

Unlock the power of customer feedback with our AI-powered Feedback Analytics Platform

Centralize feedback from multiple sources and count with AI to sift noise from signals, discover users needs, and gather evidence to make more data-informed decisions

Fuel your product strategy with our Feedback Analytics Platform

The answers you always wanted, available all the time

From Product to CX, teams rely on Birdie to transform feedback into insights and answer critical questions without the need to ask someone else

For Product Management

Enhance your product intuition, support your roadmap prioritization, and drive alignment with stakeholders by using feedback as evidence

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For Product Marketing

Refine product positioning and create key messages that stick to your audience using your customers’ words

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For User Experience

Spend less time organizing data and preparing reports and focus your energy on talking to customers and getting insights

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For Customer Experience

Simplify your job of categorizing user feedback and collaborate closely with Product to ensure customers are heard and become more satisfied

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Master customer understanding to superpower your product skills

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