Consumer Insights to Increase User Satisfaction and Unlock Growth

Our platform uses AI to process and understand millions of consumers opinions from several sources - e-commerce reviews, discussion forums, expert blogs, and more - and help several areas of your company:

One Platform, Endless Solutions

Our unique framework groups the data according to different elements and stages of the buying experience, making it easier for brands to understand what is making consumers happy, who should take action, and where.


Customer Service

Quantify and understand how your Customer Service teams are performing compared to key competitors and even key partners, and learn how the Customer Experience is across different channels with AI-based analysis of voice-of-consumer data.

Plug Birdie into your Customer Service platform and discover what are the specific elements you need to focus on to improve Customer Satisfaction and deliver your KPIs.


Marketing & Communications

Discover niched audiences and their favorite products, product attributes, and channels to make their buying decisions. Explore your strengths and your competitors’ weaknesses to create personalized campaigns to convert more customers.

Our platform can integrate to most marketing automation platforms, helping you customize your message with less friction and deliver campaigns that convert.


Consumer Insights

Navigate through billions of consumer data from several sources already organized in a way that makes spotting the next big thing and turning that insight into action effortless, making it easier to prove the ROI of Consumer Insights.

Let Birdie give extra data sources with zero effort, accelerate your insights generation cycle, and connect your current data to work with a single dashboard.


Innovation & Product Development

Get access to what consumers like and dislike about specific details of your - and your competitors’ - products, from packaging to taste. Learn what they think that is missing from the market and launch successful products.

Have an always-on SWOT Matrix of your category and products and learn how to improve your product positioning, features, or even to predict and manage crises.

Enhanced Text Analytics to Make Sense of Unstructured Data

Birdie analyzes the sources that most influence your customers. We extract, clean, and structure all the useful data, generating real-time actionable product insights that allow you to develop better marketing and product strategies.

Birdie gives you insights in a timely and precise way, ensuring you get the results you need to get to the next level, no matter if you are in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, or Consumer Insights.

More productivity

More Revenue

Profitable Growth

Do more with less:

  • Manual data handling and analysis slashed;

  • Full-stack tool eliminates the need for one-trick pony tools;

  • One person does the job to two or three.

Get faster-cycle insights & execution:

  • Notifications and alerts with actionable suggestions;

  • Trendlines and impact predictions to anticipate work;

  • Automated generation of monthly reports.

Create a growth process from consumer data:

  • Early warnings from hidden upstream influencers;

  • Hard-data for negotiating better terms & merchandising actions;

  • Clear input of product features that drive satisfaction.

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 Birdie understand millions of consumers opinions from reviews and conversations and turns them into actionable insights to help manufacturers improve their products and sell more.